NSTAR 16-C Aerial Photos

Some of you may have come here after our display at the 2019 UNL Weatherfest on Saturday, April 6.  Unfortunately, this website is not in very good condition.  I have had little time to keep up with adding new articles and making the site look nice for visitors.  At some point I will probably repackage this into a WordPress site for ease of long-term maintenance.

We had two flights in 2018, one from Treynor IA that went less than 5 miles to the north, and one from the Nebraska Star Party in Valentine NE.  Our Star Party flight was launched at the same time as a Nebraska Space Grant flight, and our balloon contacted their payloads about 10 minutes after launch, bursting our balloon and ending the flight early.  We think this is the only documented mid-air collision between two high-altitude balloons.

We expect to have at least two flights in 2019, but do not have any schedule information for them yet.  

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We have extensive video and photo albums from our previous flights at the sites below.  Flights from 2014 and before are documented to the left, but unfortunately the photo albums and maps no longer display properly due to Google deprecating those functions.   

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/n9xtn

Photos: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/111334632256807627139?source=pwa