NSTAR 16-C Aerial Photos

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In 2016, we had four NSTAR flights - one from the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium in Lincoln, two from the Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora, and one from near Granbury TX at the Great Plains Super Launch.  All the flights went well, though we did have a few mid-flight tracking issues with our GPSL flight.  Fortunately that didn't prevent its recover.

Our 1 April flight at the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium has been cancelled due to a forecasted landing too close to the Omaha metro area.  

Upcoming flights:

  • 17-A:  April 15 from Wilber NE
  • 17-B:  June 17 at the Great Plains Super Launch in Hutchinson KS
  • 17-C: August 21 from a TBD site along the eclipse path in Nebraska

For the eclipse flight, we will plan a flight only if it doesn't compromise our ability to see the eclipse from the ground.  If we have to drive more to reach a cloud free area, we won't fly that day.

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Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/111334632256807627139?fgl=true&pli=1